Registration Policies

2015/2016 Registration and Conference Policies

REGISTRATION: You may register for NPACE conferences online or by fax (to obtain a fax registration form, please contact our office). After you submit your registration, you will receive an email with a confirmation number and a link to view your registration confirmation. If you need assistance with your registration, please call us at 508-907-6424 or email us at

FEES: All fees must be received upon registration. NPACE accepts payment by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). If payment is by check, then the check must be received by NPACE within 3 weeks of registration and no later than the early registration deadline or the registration will be canceled.

CANCELLATION BY REGISTRANT: Written notice of cancellation must be received no later than one month prior to the conference start date for a refund to be issued. Refunds are processed based on the original form of payment. If written notice is received less than one month prior to the conference start date, then a Letter of Credit will be issued, valid for 12 months, for a future NPACE conference. Refunds and Letters of Credit will be processed within 30 days of receipt of the written cancellation notice. Cancellations received on the conference start date, during or after the conference will not be eligible for a refund or credit.

CANCELLATION OF EVENT: In the very unlikely event that NPACE cancels or postpones a conference due to circumstances beyond its control, NPACE’s liability shall be limited to refund of paid registration fees.

REQUIREMENTS TO RECEIVE CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE) CREDIT: Participants must be present at the NPACE activity and complete the two-part Certificate of Completion included in the Conference Registration Packet (provided at conference check-in) in order to obtain credit for sessions attended. Participants may only obtain CE credit for optional workshops if they were a paid, registered attendee. NPACE routinely conducts audits of registrations and Certificates of Completion to ensure compliance. Participants should refer to the information in the Conference Registration Packet for more information on the Requirements for Successful Completion. NPACE will not provide CE credit for any activity when the requirements are not met.

FRADULENT ACTIVITY: Any participant attempting to obtain credit for an activity that he or she did not complete will have their credits voided and may be prohibited from registering for future NPACE programs. Violations include not attending  a program and having someone else submit the certificate or mailing the certificate to NPACE’s office, or in any way attempting to obtain credit for a session for which the attendee was not present. Participants may not allow any other individual to attend the conference in their place.  NPACE will refund the registration fee of any attendee whose credits are voided due to fraudulent activity.

CONSENT TO USE OF PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES:  Registration and participation at NPACE conferences constitutes consent for NPACE to use and distribute (both now and in the future) the registrant’s image in photographs and videotapes  for any lawful purpose.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE PROVIDED BY NPACE: NPACE provides amenities such as continental breakfasts and coffee breaks whenever possible. These refreshments are available for registered attendees only; food and beverage provided by NPACE are not available for guests of the attendee. Unless noted otherwise on the conference agenda, food and beverage service is not provided during NPACE workshops. Food service is available at various outlets at the conference venue and can be brought into the workshop room.

SPONSORED MEAL PROGRAMS & PRODUCT THEATERS: NPACE offers CE and product theater meal programs as part of the conference agenda whenever possible. Available meal programs are listed as sessions on the program agenda. Meals offered during these sessions are for attendees of the CE program or product theater only. NPACE orders food based on expected attendance and sign-in with the sponsor is required just prior to the start of the program. NPACE does not conduct pre-registration or ticketing for meal programs due to past experience with registered/ticketed attendees not showing up for the scheduled program. Product Theaters are promotional programs and no CE credits are offered. Please be advised that information such as your name and the value of any meal you receive during these promotional programs may be publicly disclosed by the sponsor company pursuant to applicable federal and/or state laws.

SPECIAL FOOD ACCOMMODATIONS/DIETARY NEEDS: Please alert NPACE in the appropriate registration field if you require special accommodations during the conference or have special dietary needs. It is important that you notify NPACE of special requests and dietary needs prior to the conference; new requests on-site may not be accommodated. (You must contact the hotel directly to make accommodations related to your individual hotel stay.) NPACE will make every effort to work with participants and the conference venue to accommodate any disclosed food allergies and other food-related medical conditions. However, there is always a risk of contamination and participants concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk. NPACE will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed or items one may come in contact with while at any NPACE event.

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: Check the Hotel Reservations page for information on NPACE’s room block. NPACE encourages attendees to reserve their hotel room at the time of their conference registration. NPACE room blocks are based on expected attendance and attendee demand for hotel rooms. NPACE hotel blocks may sell out, however, prior to the hotel reservation cut-off date. Group hotel rates are for use by conference attendees only. NPACE reserves the right to ensure that a conference attendee is staying in each room reserved under the NPACE room block. Whenever feasible, NPACE works with hotels to offer suites and other rooming options for families traveling together. As a courtesy to our attendees, NPACE group rates are typically available to conference attendees at least 3 days before and 3 days after the conference program dates (subject to availability). Check the Hotel Reservation page for rates and hotel contact information.

PARKING: Attendees are responsible for paying their own parking. NPACE does not offer parking validation. See the Hotel Reservations page for parking rates.

SESSION HANDOUTS: Hard copies of the presentation slides will not be available on-site. NPACE posts the presentation slides to its website prior to the conference, allowing attendees to print any slides they would like to have. It is the attendee’s responsibility to print handouts and bring to the conference, if desired. NPACE cannot provide access to a printer at the conference hotel. You will receive an email when the slides are posted, with information on how to access the materials. Slides will remain available on NPACE’s website during the conference and for two weeks after. Some attendees prefer to bring their laptop or tablet to the conference to view the slides during the sessions (for optimal viewing, we suggest you download the slides to your computer prior to the event).

WI-FI ACCESS: Wireless internet service is available at most NPACE conferences. NPACE will provide attendees with instructions at the conference on how to access the wi-fi. Please note that wi-fi provided through NPACE is available in the meeting space only. In some cases, NPACE has been able to arrange complimentary or discounted wi-fi in attendee’s hotel rooms. Please refer to Hotel page for more information.

GUESTS: In order to maintain the security of the meeting space, only registered attendees are allowed entry to NPACE meeting rooms and Exhibit Hall. Guests are not permitted. This includes spouses or other family members of the attendee. Any attendee requiring a helper or assistant during the conference should contact NPACE in advance of the conference to obtain an exception to this policy. Only registered attendees may attend workshops or break-out sessions. Non-registered attendees are not permitted, even if the non-registered attendee does not want contact hours or handouts as part of participation.

CHILDREN: In order to maintain an appropriate learning environment and for safety issues, infants and children are not allowed in the conference sessions or Exhibit Hall.

ACCOMMODATIONS FOR BREASTFEEDING: NPACE will make every effort to accommodate attendees needing private space for breastfeeding or for the use of a breast pump. Attendees needing an accommodation should contact NPACE in advance of the conference.

CONFERENCE NAME BADGE: All attendees must wear their conference name badge for entrance into NPACE programs, including workshops and Exhibit Halls. NPACE requires attendees to wear their name badge throughout the conference in order to help NPACE maintain the security of the meeting space.

SEATING POLICY: Due to safety issues, NPACE will not allow aisles in the meeting space to be obstructed in any way. All attendees must be seated in chairs while programs are in progress. Please plan to arrive a little early so that you can be seated, otherwise members of the NPACE staff will assist you in finding a seat while the program is in progress.

DISRUPTIONS IN THE MEETING SPACE: Cell phone use, loud talking, or other activities that are disruptive to other attendees will not be permitted within NPACE meeting rooms. NPACE reserves the right to ask any attendee creating a disruption to leave the meeting room.

STORAGE OF LUGGAGE AND PERSONAL BELONGINGS: NPACE does not provide luggage storage for attendees who are checking out of the conference hotel. Due to safety concerns, luggage may not be stored in the meeting space, Exhibit Hall or other conference areas including the Registration Desk. Attendees needing luggage storage prior to departure should contact the hotel’s Front Desk for arrangements. NPACE cannot store other personal belongings such as computers or other items on behalf of attendees at the Registration Desk or in any other conference area.

CHARGING ELECTRONIC DEVICES: NPACE welcomes attendees to bring mobile devices, including tablets and laptop computers, to its conferences. Please note that NPACE does not provide charging stations or access to outlets within the meeting room. You should charge your device before arriving at the conference.