Speak at a Conference

NPACE is committed to fostering the development of future nurse practitioner speakers

NPACE is actively recruiting experienced NP speakers who present on topics that include pharmacotherapeutics for ANCC certification.

If you would like to speak at an NPACE Conference, or would like to recommend a speaker, please provide the following information in the right hand form. This information will be sent to NPACE’s Speaker Recruiter, Marjorie Crabtree (, for review and follow-up.

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Email address
  3. In the Comments box, please provide information on ALL of the following:
  • Nursing credentials including all certification(s)
  • Nursing specialty
  • Clinical area of expertise
  • Number of years in expertise area
  • State and national speaker history
  • Description of speaking experience including number of years of experience
  • Evidence-based primary care topics with objectives that you present on
  • Link to a video of you speaking, if available

Incomplete submissions may not be considered.

Continuing Education activities are intended to serve the public interest. To this end it is the policy of NPACE that all its educational programs are balanced, scientifically rigorous, objective, and independent of commercial influence.