starburst-npace-rewardsNow NPACE attendees can attend every fourth conference for free!

NPACE is an 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to furthering education for Nurse Practitioners and other Clinicians.

We are proud to offer a Fourth For Free Program where eligible attendees can enjoy a free Registration at an upcoming NPACE conference.

NPACE issues Fourth For Free certificates to reward our attendees who have come to multiple NPACE programs.

To be eligible, and to receive a valid Fourth For Free reward, the participant must have paid the registration fee and fully attended three NPACE conferences in the past 24 months.  The reward, which will be emailed to the participant within 30 days of successful attendance at the third conference, will have instructions for redemption.  Redemption must occur within 12 months of issuance of the date of the reward.

Prior complimentary registrations or registrations made with letters of credit cannot count toward the three registrations needed to qualify for the Fourth for Free program.

A limited number of Fourth For Free registrations are available at each conference. We are happy to redeem these at all of our conferences except our Cape Cod programs.

A $50 non-refundable administration fee is required. Some exclusions apply. See conference registration pages for details.

NPACE reserves the right to cancel or alter this promotion at any time.