Exceptional Live and Online CE Programs

Nurse Practitioner Associates for Continuing Education (NPACE) is a non-profit organization founded in 1980 by a group of nurse practitioner leaders in New England. NPACE seeks to improve healthcare in the U.S. by providing continuing education and professional enrichment to nurse practitioners, advanced practice registered nurses, and students. Our commitment to enhancing clinical proficiency and professionalism has been proven by the participants who have attended our National Primary Care and Pharmacology Conferences. Pertinent, practical, high quality programs are our trademark.

Academic Endeavors

NPACE is further committed to fostering the nursing profession through on-going initiatives with academic institutions nationwide. The NPACE Board of Directors collaborates with nursing faculty by forming discussion groups to explore professional issues, such as the Nursing Doctorate. For more information on academic collaboration, contact us at 508-907-6424.